Whose Money Is It Anyway?

Most of us work until sometime in May to pay our taxes. The rest of what we earn is ours. Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t that first five months ours too?

Not according to the government. In fact, they take it before we ever get our hands on it. Those of us with jobs have taxes withheld. Take a look at your next pay stub and remind yourself how much money you DON’T get each pay period.

Here’s the kicker. Far and away, it is the middle class that gets whacked for taxes. Why? Because it is easier to collect from us. The poor don’t have any money to confiscate; the rich have enough money to hire people who can protect what they earn.

Is that fair? I leave that to you. But, if you decide that paying less in taxes is a good thing, read on.

Owning a side business has numerous advantages. You control it, and if you manage it properly, you can build up a solid retirement to supplement or replace your “traditional” retirement. Better yet, you can protect more of your “regular” income from taxation.

Tax laws allow numerous deductions for business. Many expenses can be used to reduce your taxable income. So, in addition to having more income, you get to keep more of your money. Be sure to use a good tax advisor, because the laws must be followed closely.

The Boston Tea Party was prompted by a 3% tax. Many of us pay over ten times that amount now. I doubt that pouring tea into the harbor will do much good these days, so throw your own little tea party. Start a side business and keep more of what was yours to begin with.


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