Thanks, Mr. President

No doubt hearing the cries of Tea Party attendees last week, President Obama bravely slashed $100 million dollars from the budget. $100 million dollars is a lot of money. That is, unless you compare it to the rest of the budget. Let’s do some math. At least seven or eight trillion dollars has been created and injected into the economy. My calculator won’t go that high, so I got out a big piece of paper and starting dividing. It turns out that it is 1/70,000 or .00001.

My first reaction was laughter. I thought I had accidentally stumbled upon The Onion web site. Nope. Turns out it was legitimate news. I had to ask myself, “What kind of nation have we become that we allow our leaders to insult us so roundly?”

Of course, we know exactly why Obama is doing this. It is to take our minds off what he and the rest of the government (our government) are not telling us about the financial crisis. When the truth comes out, will we fall for yet another cynical ploy like this one?


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