Labor…and Think

Work is honorable.  Today we remember those people who, through their efforts and skills, make the world a better place.  Yet for all our gratefulness to Labor, let us also remember the power that undergirds our jobs–Thought.  Every job that a laborer holds was made possible by a thinker. No machine can be run, no building constructed, no car assembled without there first being a man or woman who conceives such a wonder in imagination.

We laud the worker who toils day by day and pity the one who has no place to toil.  We award the laborer limited hours and a guarantee of pay.  We promise a retirement of plenty.  And for the man or woman who creates the business?  Snarling contempt.

It is right that we should loathe the slick crony capitalist who thrives by political deal-making rather than honest value-creation.  Yet the vast majority of business owners have no such power.  Most are thinking–daily, hourly, moment-by-moment–of how to survive.  If they are lucky, they may get to think of actually prospering.  Their reward?  Regulations, taxes, and bad press.

So here is my tribute to those who make it possible for the laborer to work.  Thinker Day.  Let us not begrudge the ones whose contribution is brawn.  Let us also not forget the ones whose brains made it all possible.


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