Laugh, Love, Get Scared

Life is short–too short to waste it consumed with fear.  I keep on my shelf an excellent book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.  Jeffers explains, simply and elegantly, that fear is a natural part of growth.  All those people we see who seem to accomplish great things with grace and aplomb are just as scared as we are.  They grow in spite of their fears.

Most notably, Jeffers tells us why it is better to dive in and experience the fear that accompanies growth.  That intense fear is not as bad as the undercurrent of fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.  The feeling that we are not all we can be is devastating.  The solution is to confront the demons that feast on our timidity.

Does it ever end?  No, according to Jeffers.  No fear means no growth.  If you don’t get good and scared regularly, then you probably are not growing.  We all fall victim to complacency now and then.  We also all have moments of brilliance and courage.  Think of something you have done that was scary at first, but then became fun.  Remember how good it felt not only to do that new activity, but how proud you felt when you realized that the courage was in you the whole time.  All you had to do was let it out.


Terry just became an Amazon Associate.  That means he might make money if you buy this book.  He only recommends stuff he really likes, but he figured you ought to know.  He would have told you that even if Amazon didn’t make him.


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